REALIZING H. E. Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam's VISION:

IWSF is honored to invite you to the AK-EDUSAT Project Inauguration and felicitation of the winning teams of students on Mar. 11, 2017 (10.00 AM) at the KCG College of Technology campus.

Venue: KMC Auditorium,
KCG college of technology,
KCG Nagar, Rajiv Gandhi Salai,
Karapakkam, Chennai - 600 097.

Beloved Excellency Dr. Abdul Kalam wanted the youth of India to take active interest in the emerging technologies (Info-Bio-Nano-Eco and Space). This project is one step in that direction.

Congratulations to the ten teams (5 students + faculty per team) - chosen by an international panel of independent judges on winning the National Space-Tech Competition. Renowned Space-scientists and experts shall guide and train the teams from 10 different institutions to design and develop the 'AK-EDUSAT-001'. After mandated validation, securing the required approvals, licenses, funding, etc. the AK-EDUSAT-001' shall be launched to network thousands of E-Learning Smart Classrooms, Digital Libraries, etc. improving tele-education, tele-medicine, public schools and colleges all over India.

IWSF is grateful to the 'Abdul Kalam Vision India Movement', the 'Aeolus Aerotech Pvt Ltd', the generous sponsors and benefactors for their collaboration, encouragement and participation in this historic project. AK-EDUSAT shall implement one of H. E. Dr. Kalam's dreams to encourage the youth of India take active interest in Space Technology, leading the rest of the world.

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Best regards. Respectfully,
Dr. M. S. Viji, MD -Founder-President
International 'We Serve' Foundation, Inc.
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